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I used to work for a tape drive company(s)

all of this actually sounds pretty cool. I used to work for a tape drive company (Cipher Data) in IT, and later assisted with IT-related things for a few of the companies that bought their tech, over and over [getting databases converted and loaded, things like that]. First Cipher, then Archive, then Conner, then Overland Data, mostly with the 9" reel and 1/2" cartridge stuff. It's amazing how much data you can cram onto tape these days, compared to the old tech. QIC tape kinda died but reel and cartridge were still kicking through the 90's.

[As I recall a 9" reel was something close to 500mb depending on the format and old minicomputers typically had a front-loader drive where you'd put the reel in like a videocassette]

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