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"The best option for most, is to subscribe for a license to Archronis. Uses VSS, and can provide cloud options if you want, but the local backup is the go."

I have a better one:

a) run windows [if you must] in a VM hosted on Linux or BSD

b) use 'tar' on the host to do your backups (when the VMs are shut down)

Also when you shut down the VM you can probably export it [compressed] into a form that backs up the drive image in a way that lets you quickly restore it. I do this with virtualbox all of the time, do a snapshot of the VM via 'export', saved as a single file. Re-importing that back gets you all of your VM settings too.

Alternately, shut down the windows machine, remove the hard drive, put a USB:SATA adaptor on it, plug it into a Linux box, use FuseFS's NTFS to read files [or do an image backup via 'dd']. Or you can use a bootable "disk recovery" DVD that has some version of Linux on it with tools to do "all of that".

and if you had a tape drive, an image backup might be the best option, like what 'norton ghost' used to do for ya (or may still, is it still around?)

anyway, with Linux or BSD, or especially with a VM, your backup options are a LOT better.

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