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When Netapp showed us their hotly anticipated HCI architecture, I immediately commented this not HCI! This is exactly the same as CI, in the likes of Flexpod, disguised in a smaller 2U 4node form factor that is so popular with HCI vendors. You call this innovation! This is just repackaging! It should be called Flexpod Micro! It is a shame that Netapp call this HCI. They really have no idea why HCI came about in the first place. Netapp, here is HCI 101 for your benefit - people buy HCI because they do not want to buy expensive traditional external storage arrays but instead wants to use smart software-defined-storage (SDS) made of commodity disks or SSD built into every commodity server. When I first heard that Netapp was working on a HCI, I immediately thought to myself, "Hmmm... they must be modifying the Solidfire code to be an SDS". This should be what you should have done Netapp! Then it would have been a very powerful HCI with a proven Solidfire pedigree! But instead you took the easy way out and use smoke and mirrors to try to dupe us into thnking that you have a legitimate HCI when it is really a repackaged Flexpod! Boo.......Netapp! We are not that dump as you think!

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