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No, not more compressible but don't forget that even though the algorithms are fairly simple like that used for say NTFS compression that was introduced in Windows NT 3.51 it could easily reduce the size by around 50% for easily compressible data (whereas WinZip or WinRAR would shrink it down to say an eighth of the original size) .

Newer tape drives will have better algorithms and even if they don't they will most likely have larger memory buffers and work on larger chunks of data and something like LZW compression even back then would have gotten better results if you used a larger workspace going from a 128 KB buffer to say a 1 MB one and the last time I checked these drives may have like one GB of on-board RAM so its not inconceivable that they can get this sort of compression. Obviously if they get fed like Mpeg-2 data or random numbers then compression will be zero.

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