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Tape lives! The tape archive bit bucket is becoming bottomless

Charles 9 Silver badge

Probably not, so it would be nice if LTO quotes in future are raw and let the user assume responsibility for optimizing its use through compression, deduplication, etc.

Having said that, I miss the Travan days. At least back then, tape drives were within consumer reach and provided us with at least some means of offloading cold data in the days when 1GB of data was a premium. A tape system accessible and affordable to the consumer in tiers of 2, 4, maybe 8 to 12TB for packrats would at least provide an alternative to external drives which can have reliability issues. At this stage, the only one within reach (and at a stretch) is rust-based RDX. Longevity doesn't even have to be so strong. Five, maybe ten years on the outside would be enough to handle a move between generations if need be.

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