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Well, the thing about custom logos and such is that there are two key reasons they're important. One, legal identity since you need something unique to register as a trademark or service mark, which leads to reason number two: a good logo sticks in people minds and helps people to identify you, and that can be crucial to a company. Like brown trucks with beige shields makes most people think UPS. Same psychology. Graphics are important because clients/customers see them.

Code is all behind-the-scenes stuff. It's not like the customers or clients will see your code on a daily basis, unless they operate presentation equipment.

As for ownership of code, that will always be complicated, especially if they're custom linchpin code. Usually, the company negotiates to make sure they own the code or at least the means to alter it if need be, but like a car, technology moves on and eventually things get too stale to upgrade or repair. Thing is, many firms don't put money aside for that eventuality, and investor pressure adds to the worries as many can't think long-term. As for support, that's a "your mileage may vary" thing. If the application is important enough to require an on-call technico, you have to plunk down, and so on.

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