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Swiss Anton

ebay now promoting henious activity

Logged on to ebay to see if my bid for a black shirt was a winner, and wow on their front page is a frikkin gay flag with the words, "Celebrate Love & Equality Donate to help homelessness amongst LGBBTQ young people". And there's a button that links to Follow The Rainbow

BTW I didn't win the bid for the black shirt, which is just as well, so I'm now buying one from M&S - or maybe not, that sounds a bit too close to S&M for my liking.

Anyone know where I can buy a black shirt that isn't being sold by some perverted scumbag?

On hang on, black shirt, that sound too much like black skirt for my liking - HEEEELLLLP!

(For those ready to down vote - I just gave a donation (in £s) to follow the rainbow)

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