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"No, the new testament is all about repenting your sins and believing in Jesus. Or else you go to hell regardless of anything else. Jesus or hell."

I'm in total agreement with what you say. The christian bible is SUPPOSED to be saying "everybody sins" and "redemption through Jesus". What a lot of christians do INSTEAD is nothing less than bashing one group of people over their particular 'sin'. By doing that, of course, they're being ARROGANT and HATEFUL (more sin, just different). But this is not new. Some post-civil-war churches in the American southeast, and some others as well, said 'blacks were marked as the sons of Cain' which is obviously nonsense, but they used this to act prejudicially, an obvious excuse for bigotry. 'gay bashing' for religious reasons is probably the same _kind_ of thing, motivated by bigotry and a kind of arrogance, one of the "7 deadly sins" I might add...

I've always believed that THE LIE is the worst of the sins, pales by comparison to engaging in homosexuality (or adultery, or any of the others that get regular bashing). So if there's a bottom level in hell, it's filled with LIARS. next to the bottom, ARROGANCE.

(and we all know that 'the lie' is so universally practiced, good luck finding ANYONE who hasn't done it, including me heh heh heh)

Christians being tolerant, but not compromising in their beliefs, would treat gay people as fellow 'sinful' human beings, no worse than anyone else, and would NOT point fingers nor say god hates them. They could still believe in the bible without being asshats. Well, in an ideal world, anyway.

So, is THAT what you meant? (I hope so)

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