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Statiistically, 1 out of ever 60 people you ever knew is gay, about 1.8%

Think back to high school. Go to a reunion. Perhaps you'll see someone you knew who's obviously gay [I have]. Does that kind of thing matter to me? Not really. I just say 'hello, I remember you, you were in XXX class with me'. And later I might think "yeah, THAT explains a lot..."

Lessee, I worked for a gay guy once [didn't ask, he didn't tell, but it was obvious, and women loved him]. Had a gay guy living next door (in a duplex) for a while, and he was easy to get along with. He had a calendar with a nearly naked body builder on it in his kitchen. I've also known a few people online in IRC and on USENET, one of whom had a full sex change and used to post links to various trans-sex resources, particularly the medical ones [I find this sort of thing interesting as in "how DO they do a sex change operation anyway?"]. But if they say nothing online we'd just never know. Which is fine, really. Sometimes you don't WANT to know, but sometimes you might. It's especially funny if there's a gay woman in an IRC channel and you see a bunch of guys hitting on her. Heh.

So yeah, 1.8%, about 1 in 60 people that you know, are probably gay

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