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Regarding the Old Testament...

I still think marketing missed a trick by not calling it "War God of Israel". Yahweh racks up a body count which makes Cthulhu look like an amateur.

It is a book of utter depravity, filled to the brim with sex and violence. However, most of it is *interesting* utter depravity. You may want to give the chapter titled "Leviticus" a skip, which is rather repetitive and redundant in a repetitive sort of way. OTOH, this is the one you should read for the anti-gay rants.

The sequel is the "Highlander II" of religious works; suddenly we are to believe that Yahweh is all loving-kindness. Fortunately it got retconned away in part three; Yahweh is suddenly called Allah, but the important thing is that he is Back At War.

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