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"pretty much all countries ban mobile phones around petrol stations despite there being no evidence of a single fire caused by one, and indeed plenty of research to show it's not actually possible"

In the days of CB and landmobile it was easily possible to draw sparks from the nozzle to the car(*) when the transmitter was keyed. When electronic pumps came along more than a few hams discovered that keying the linear amp in the boot would cause the counters to stop whilst fuel kept flowing.

"mobile phones have transmitters, therefore mobile phones are dangerous" - or at least that's the mindset you have to contend with. Explanations of the differences between 300mw (Max), 25W and 2kW either go straight over their heads or they don't want to have to deal with the hassle of arguing with someone about what power their transmitter is putting out when a flat ban is easy.

(*) Fuel nozzle fires are small and easily put out. One of the other dangers of autoflow handles is one being pulled out and spraying fuel everywhere although modern ones have protection against that too.

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