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Of course the price you pay when you buy it is not the true cost but this is what I mean by that. The full cost of any device should include dealing with environmental damaged causing during its creation and disposing of it when it has reached the end of its useful life (or when people decide to chuck it in the bin and buy the new shiny). There are lots of costs you can associate with a device but as manufactures don't bear the cost of dealing with them, they aren't included in the price you pay when you buy. Cleaning up the pollution released in the mining and refining the materials needed to make the phone. The environmental damage done directly by the mining (particularly if it is open cast) and the human cost were safety standards are very low. Then there is the pollution released in creating the components and manufacturing the device. Then when it is time to be disposed of, there is dealing with any number of toxic materials embedded in a device that has been designed to be difficult to dismantle and repair to encourage people to buy the new shiny rather than repair it when something goes wrong. All this could be applied to TVs as well. I could go on but you get the idea.

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