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When the 7 arrived with its waterproofing things then got more complicated.

Well yes, but proper waterproofing takes effort. I have two watches, and to replace a battery costs a lot exactly because of the new seals and the pressurised case closing. There's also the jeweller's profit, but you either pay and keep it watertight or have a £5 battery replacement with the waterresistance removed.

There's also a question about guarantee. All manufacturers have to offer guarantee, so one way or the other they'll pay for complicated repair processes. As far as I can tell, the "wear and tear" parts of your average iPhone are actually easy (up until iPhone 7), which is why there is such a brisk trade in stolen iPhones: they're not sold for complete phones (because Apple has that reasonably locked down), they're sold for parts.

As I've said before, I'll lump Apple with the rest as soon as the rest also takes in old gear and thus voluntarily ends up with having to deal with the environmental issues. For the moment, it appears they consider the hardware landfill the moment you've bought it. You can't tell me that their manufacturing doesn't take that into account - AFAIK, that's the exact reason they stopped using screws in the first place (easier to automate later disassembly).

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