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Windows 10 Serial driver (C code, based on the same code you've seen... still works) :

Windows 10 Virtual Serial driver (C++ code, based on the new SDK with memory safety consider) :

Mac OS X Serial Driver (C++ code... runs in user mode) :

Using a domain specific language for a kernel which can implement the core kernel code in "unsafe mode" and then implementing the drivers, file systems, etc... in a "safe mode" language meaning memory references instead of pointers (see C11 which makes moves this way... but refuses to break with tradition by doing it as library changes instead of a language feature).

In reality, this is 2017 and if your OS kernel still has a strict language dependence for things like file systems and device drivers, you probably aren't doing it right. These days most of that code should be user mode anyway. And no, user/kernel mode discussions stopped making sense when we started using containers and Intel and AMD started shipping 12+ core consumer CPUs

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