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The trend from "free" to "paid"

This trend has already started with various techniques persuading people to either pay or go away (I mentioned OneDrive earlier in this thread). We would think that the likes of Google would be more professional, more ethical than this, but let me ask the question anyway...

Suppose, just suppose that one day you fired up Google, typed something in, and up comes a paywall. What would you do?

Then you login to Gmail, and same paywall.

Now postulate the same with Microsoft's free email service.

The first day it happens will be the day you are expecting a super-urgent email. So you pay the ransom, it may be a few pence. But supply and demand, lack of competition, that nominal amount will balloon, given time.

This is the reason you need to keep control. To keep your systems on-premises.

All these companies are monitoring the unfolding of the PhotoBucket shambles and discussing how they would do the same thing better. Maybe PhotoBucket had some urgent financial constraint to meet, hence the sudden hike. But you can bet your life that other players will play their cards in a more orderly fashion, so as not to let on their true agenda.

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