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Andy A

Sparks Galore!

The place where I started work in 1976 had a new carpet installed. Suddenly everyone was getting shocks, even those wearing natural fibres.

The computer room, with its vinyl floor tiles, was safe because the partitioning everywhere was of the four-feet-of metal-with-a glass-panel-above type.

I used to walk around carrying a pencil, which I used to tough the door with before using the handle.

At another place I worked, some people had to use conductive footwear because of the risk of explosion. A prospective supplier would visit, and their sample would be tested near my desk. The test kit consisted of a metal plate, and a circuit through a megger to the inside of the shoe, which the teater filled with steel ball bearings. The number of shoes which failed was impressive. The manufacturer would make a good conductive sole, and then take their eyes off the ball and fit an insulating insole!

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