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"Did you read the part of the article that said "not for clinical systems"? The attitude* that "We can't do everything, so we won't do anything" infuriates me."

I can't up vote this enough! There are probably huge numbers of PCs in the NHS that could switch to NHSbuntu with almost no pain while leaving the rest on Windows of whatever version they need. A gradual roll-out would start saving money on licensing relatively quickly, money that can be re-invested into updating other systems or re-developing systems to use more open standards leading to further roll-outs into more departments. As has been mentioned already, some of the prime apps are already web based so the OS becomes a lot less important.

There's definitely plenty of very expensive medical equipment that is controlled by Windows or will only talk to Windows that will be around for years to come but if anyone has the spending power to convince suppliers to build for another OS or make their data and protocols more open, it's the NHS.

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