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Ubuntu 'weaponised' to cure NHS of its addiction to Microsoft Windows

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Five years?

Let us know in five +- years what the status of all of this is.

By then, Microsoft will probably have the operating system in the cloud, and all the data as well. If you want your health records you can call Bletchley Park Redmond and ask them.

Being dependent on a single vendor for the basis of your platform that is holding sensitive information who doesn't want to talk much, looks like a fools errand, and a move to open source looks good.

A recent (two days ago) visit to the doctors office had machines in every room and more at reception desks. I suspect that they were windows boxen, and hope that they were up to date. From the looks of it, they used it as a fancy web browser with (reasonably good) two factor authentication (RFID cards).

Me? Pretty healthy (knock on wood).

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