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S36. Braaaaaaaaaand new. MAPICSII (second Canadian installation).

The *computerroom* was 10' x 12', but had no door. AC unit punched through the wall to keep the room cool, just one of those huge honking window AC units. My desk was about 18" from the S36. (The manager complained that I listened to music on headphones until I made her sit with me for 3 hours one day. After that not so many complaints).




I went to grab lunch and came back to utter panic since it had shut down suddenly and without warning. The lady that printed invoices had shifted the printer 8 or 9 inches over and knocked the drain off the drip tray. Which then dripped on power connector for the S36. Which tripped breaker.

Hey, They didn't ask me about it, they just never listened to the 17 year old computer geek.

(#$%@#$% I've been at this too damned long)

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