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-->"Gluing is also used to reduce thickness, and to make things more reliable.."

Yes, true. My R&D teams often wanted glue when I needed "repairability".

You can keep "repairability" by not gluing the entire area (use cut outs in your gluing foil: make it look like a window frame not a sheet of glass) and also by using different gluing strengths on each side of the foil, so that it is possible to remove a component without further breakage // the need to clean off too much residue.

--> " Repairability is only a factor after it has been multiplied by the fraction of people who would actually repair it, multiplied by the chance of it actually going wrong, multiplied by this failure not occuring within the warranty period. "

If the cost of repair is lower than new and the component to be repaired is expensive.. you fail Design for Serviceability, increase warranty costs and repair time.... for example, if the only way to repair a €1 audio part is to destroy the glued €5 display at the same time :o(

Pre-ramp up you have no idea what will fail en-masse, and once you introduce new suppliers as part of your cost erosion plan ...and they in turn fiddle with their production to lower their costs....all bets are off.

Design for Serviceablity and Reliability because reality often bites you in the a*se post ramp-up.

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