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On the side of a mountain or on a boat technical fabrics are acceptable, but not in town - protection from the elements is what we have pubs for.

Women notice artificial fibres on men, and avoid it. Heck, somehow some women can tell the difference between cashmere and normal wool just by looking at it, and they will express their appreciation.

Don't wear polyester fleece - blim burns from your reefer really show up, whereas cotton or wool just shrug them off.

In any case, as CrazyOldCatMan observes, natural fabrics are more comfortable and breathable. Look after your feet and wear leather shoes. Preferably leather soled, since they make dancing easier. Brogues are a good general purpose shoe, and are at home in a town pub as they are walking across a muddy field to a country pub.

And wear a hat: rain is not a rare phenomenon on these shores.

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