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Fresh cotton underpants fix series of mysterious mainframe crashes

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Anti-static, Schmanti-static. Ten years I repaired computers for a company who sound a little bit like "Nixons". Ten years of only grounding myself with the appropriate kit if someone important was visiting the site, like a manufacturer.

I assume I got away with it, not through lack of "pesky kids" but more through my standard work practise of slouching over my workbench, elbows grounded through the ESD matting. Nothing else there was ESD - standard office chairs, standard flooring, no air treatment, no testing.

I do remember buying one of those little AA-powered soldering irons, wondering how they worked. Turns out they work by turning 1.5V into high voltage, low current and creating a spark hot enough to melt solder. Who'd have thought that a computer mainboard wouldn't like having its USB ports reflowed with one of those?

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