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There's no particular reason why Linux is more secure than Windows.

False. The architecture of Linux makes it inherently more secure (note: more secure != perfectly secure) than Windows. Unless Microsoft throws out all existing Windows code and starts from scratch that will never change. You just can't equal the security of Linux with the foundations that Windows is built upon (though, in all fairness, they have gotten closer than I would have believed possible in recent years).

If Linux becomes the dominant OS, that'll get attacked too.

Linux IS the dominant OS. It's got an install base three times that of all other OSes combined. Just because it doesn't have much presence in the tiny fraction of the market that is desktop PCs doesn't mean it's got a small attack surface. It also gets attacked all the time, and every time a Linux attack enjoys widespread success it makes headlines. Which, I think, says a lot for how rare such an event is.

And just at the moment it seems that Linux security is in a bit like a mess

Um....are we living in the same reality? Because, no, it's not. What is a mess is the security of Linux based IoT devices, but that's the fault of manufacturers who ship the things with absolutely absurd configurations like an unsecured adhoc wifi network with no easy way for the end user to shut it off. Just as you can lock down any OS pretty well these days you can also turn the security of any device into Swiss cheese with bad configuration, and that is exactly what's happening.

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