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Carpet on the floor of the data center for 3 mainframes? Who is the lunatic that allowed such design?

To be fair, my home computer room[1] uses carpet tiles. Ones that are anti-static and were being chucked out, unused by one of my previous employers[2].

[1] Doesn't everyone have one of these? The aircon in it is great for when we come back from walking the dog in 32C heat.. If only it wasn't also used as a technology-I-have-known junk pile - we might have been able to put a bed in there too. Although I have come up with a Cunning Plan TM to have a duct installed from that room to our bedroom (shares a common wall) with a built-in fan so that we can blow cold air at the ceiling fan..

[2] Just had all our area carpeted with anti-static carpet tiles. New director comes in, doesn't like the colour [3], has them all taken up and replaced. A number of us took as many as we wanted. I still have quite a few in the garage.

[3] blah, blah, PanTone, blah blah, HQ regulations, blah blah. Summarised as "I don't like them and I control the budget".

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