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If it can't be broken down easily into reusable or repairable parts, it should have a 100% green tax surcharge.

The bulk recycling of electronic devices involves shredding the device, and then magnetically, mechanically and possibly chemically separating into various waste streams that can be reused in other processes. The method of assembly is irrelevant, because for real recycling (as opposed to repair or component salvage) the process is fast, industrial scale, and efficient, there's no messing around with screwdrivers.

What Greenpeace are complaining about is not (or should not be) the ease of recycling which isn't affected much by the assembly method, but about artificially shortened lifetimes because the device is difficult to repair. Whilst I keep phones for longer than average, and would like them to be repairable, most people don't and to be honest, they've got good grounds for that: Consumers want frequent device refreshes anyway, old devices go out of software support very quickly, once more than a few years old built in NAND storage often starts to get a bit flakey, the processing power and capability of older devices struggle with newer OS releases even if they exist, and the cosmetic appearance is often poor. as paint rubs off bezzles, display coatings wear off.

Even if you could repair them when the original owner has finished with it, what would you do with all that obsolete, unsupported technology? There's some talk of sending it to poor countries - personally I think those countries would be better off with a new device made cheaply in China. And the idea of giving rich country cast-offs to the developing world smacks of technological colonialism.

Seems to me Greenpeace are pushing water uphill on this.

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