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Fresh cotton underpants fix series of mysterious mainframe crashes

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I do have one from deep in the vault from a 15 years ago. I did laptop support for one of the big vendors at the time. A customer called in saying if they touched the right speaker grill of their laptop it would cause the laptop to lock up. We sat and discussed the call and the theory of static discharge was floated. So we retrieved an identical unit from our stock proceeded to try and shock the right speaker grill. People rubbing balloons on their head and putting it up to the speaker grill. At one point it looked like a conga line of a bunch of pastey tech support guys dragging their feet and touching the speaker grill. Finally someone found a very plush mat and we were able to make the laptop crash on command when dragging our feet across that mat. Once we verified the claim. We disassembled the laptop to find out why. Our contract manufacturer for this unit were taking short cuts and not running the speaker wires through the track that was designed but a slightly parallel path that got sort of crimped under the speaker grill. We re-ran the speaker wire in the track and all was well. A really interesting case but the conga line of pastey nerds was quite a sight and I don't recommend it to anyone.

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