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French general accused of nicking fast jet for weekend trips to the Sun

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This general is not the bureaucratic kind: he's a pilot and pretty good one. He fought in the first Gulf War on Jaguar, became a test pilot, worked on the Rafale..

Anyway, at a time when military resources are strained and deficits run high, using an Armée de l'Air's plane for a personal usage cannot be tolerated. An hour flying with an Alphajet costs around 10,000 €. In one year this general would have made ten flights between Bordeaux and Salon-de-Provence, for a total cost around 200,000 €.

However, I hardly believe he is the only one to practice this kind of abuse - I remember during my military period having our commander being sanctioned because he thought he could fill his personal car's reservoir with Army's gasoline - there may be some internal politics or personal revenge behind this story. It is not an excuse, of course, I would hope that all abuses would be disclosed and punished but I know we do not live in the "Care Bears World"

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