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French general accused of nicking fast jet for weekend trips to the Sun



Well compared to what RAF and army air boys used to get up to in the 1960's with the "private" use of planes and choppers,his possibly legit use is small cry,many memories of Hercules being flown about at weekends doing forces personel house moves etc and flights to exotic places,but pilots have to keep their hours up,and it's hardly a suprise that forces personnel and families have homes near bases and if folk need to be moved from say BOAR to UK,is it cheaper to use several army 3 tonners,pay for a private commercial firm or a Hercules with a crew that need flying hours on their log books ?

Boscombe down pilots used to get away with murder,but what they did was treated as perks of the job and considering the work they did with the risks involved,they were small.

At least they didn't use public money to buy and maintain duck houses !!

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