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Blunder down under: self-driving Aussie cars still being thwarted by kangaroos

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If the software was really bright, it might even slow up a bit and let the dumb beast head off into the night

It will simply adjust its speed to match yours; how can it hit you from the side otherwise?

Once in northern Norway I had four reindeer standing in the road ahead of me. As I slowed to walking pace they started to move *keeping to the road* (well, two were on the road itself[0], the other two just off the road, one left, one right. Based on my experience with goats I expected them to get startled, the one on the left crossing over to the right, the one on the right simultaneously wanting to be on the left, and all four of them colliding in a pile ahead of me in a tangle of legs and antlers. They actually didn't, gradually increasing their speed, with me trailing them at a prudent distance. Finally they figured they had something better to do than try to outrun a motorcycle, and turned hard left down a shallow slope towards a small stream.

[0] reindeer running on pavement make a curious 'flof-flof' sound

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