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Gibsons Theorem states:

Sheep live a very boring existence. To relieve this tedium the species has developed a game to play, it involves dying in the most interesting and unexpected ways. An apparently healthy sheep that turns up dead one morning (they do this a lot) does not score well. A sheep that catches a string of diseases that are difficult to diagnose, expensive to treat but not so expensive to result in a bolt to the back of the head before spontaneously expiring when apparently healthy scores highly. It will be fondly remembered by it's peers. A sheep that simply gets run over gets points for annoying both the farmer and the car owner but still will get 'must try harder' on its report card.

A record high score was achieved by the highly valuable ram that went missing from the farm of Mr Gibson, author of this theorem. Fences were checked, searches made repeatedly, neighbours asked and eventually the police were informed. The mystery was solved a few weeks later when something of an aroma emanated from the 9" gap between two buildings. Given that the horns on the thing were wider than 9" never mind the belly that place had not been searched. The cost involved in taking the wall out of a building and reconstructing it eclipsed the capital loss of the animal and it's life tally of vet bills and secured the ram a record score in the game of Interesting Death.

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