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Logic? It can be difficult for humans as well.

My dad was involved in repairing a small camper van from a pair of stoners once. It turns out that whilst driving down the Highway between Sydney and Melbourne, they thought the best way to account for the boredom was to take some LSD. (For the record I wouldnt recommend this, whilst driving).

Driving along, one of them goes "Woah, dude this sh%t just kicked in! It looks like there's a fridge standing in the middle of the road." The other guy, also staring out the front, said "Dude, I can see it. Wow this is good shit!", and then the pair drove into an actual fridge that had fallen off the back of a previous truck and was standing in the middle of the road.

I imagine attempting to explain why you hit a fridge lying in the middle of the road, to the Police, whilst on LSD, was a difficult conversation.

However, to get back to the topic of logic, the humans in this case certainly had a few failures occur before the accident - 1) Taking LSD whilst driving, 2) seeing something in the road, EVEN if you think it was a hallucination, and not choosing to drive around it... So considering that humans have had millenia to develop logic, should we really expect AI to be able to grasp it perfectly so soon?

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