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Why does this come up in EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE about ISRO? It's been explained, over and over.

First off, India doesn't just receive a bag of money from the UK. It doesn't in fact receive anything resembling traditional financial aid. For the rest I'll just copy one of my previous posts on the recent GSLV Mark III launch where somebody made the same comment:

"You clearly don't understand how government finances work so lets keep this simple.

Poor people without a job don't pay taxes. Poor people without a job are also unlikely to have the means of letting their childres go to a school, meaning their children wil also be poor and without a job.

Running a (relatively cheap) space program means you can get some better educated people a good job, so they can pay taxes and send their children to school, so the children will later pay taxes as well. You can then use the more reliable source of income from taxes to help the poor.

On top of that the space program is a billboard for the nation: "Hey, look at us, look what we can do. Send some of those manufacturing contracts our way maybe?" (Since being able to build a reliable rocket means you have a high degree of control/mastery of things like supply chain management, metalurgy, engineering, precision fabrication and assembly, transport, quality assurance, etc, etc). Guess what those extra contracts do? More people (including lower wage/education) with jobs, more people paying taxes, more people sending their children to school. Thus less poverty in the future.

Poverty isn't a prolem you solve by simply throwing money at it. And just because they spend 1 billion on a space program (a tad under a dollar per person) doesn't mean they don't spend anything on poverty relief/reduction. In fact they spend well over 100 billion a year on those measures. Stopping the space program would add less than 1% to that budget. Not exactly shocking."

India also has a nuclear weapons (the reason the UK stopped giving financial aid), IRBM and ICBM development programs amongst other technology not exactly fitting the tradition image of an "impoverished" nation. If anything you should be complaining about those, not about peaceful civilian applications of technology that can help develop the nation. But simply put, the traditional view of India as an "impoverished nation" is just wrong.

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