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"That would be the file explorer that has always supported third party extensions"

So we are agreed that the problem is now confined to File Explorer extensions ?

Then we fix File Explorer when the user enables the Long File Path flag, and disable those extensions that are not marked as Long File Path compatible, and the rest of us can happliy use Long File Paths like any normal operating system and Windows is slightly less shit.

"Because Windows documentation has, for 25 years, consistently stated that a 260-character buffer is the maximum that you need to support, "

It does not matter what the crappy docs say. Files with longer paths will be on your drive and you need to handle them. File Explorer itself makes files with longer paths. AND CANNOT HANDLE THEM !

"Meh. It seems like a perfectly reasonable use of the term to me."

But only you actually use it like that.

"Meh" indeed.

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