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"What, when the computer is often turned off completely?"

Recent Intel chipsets have a feature that powers up the computer to check for updates. Probably doesn't work under Linux though...

Doesn't work very well when the machine is turned off at the wall either!

" it does a better job, period. "

Over what period? I use Windows because I need high end gaming and Office type applications. Linux is utterly crap in comparison for both those uses.

I don't know what you consider "high end office applications" but if you want office that works reliable, you cannot use MS office. The features will be removed on a whim, the layout will change, every other week they'll make it incompatible.

Oh, and I have some quite large (>1gb) presentations that simply cannot be don on Windows, MS office chokes on handling larger files.

Yes, a lot of games don't run on systems they're not designed for. As to your "need high end gaming", maybe you "need" to re-think some of your life if gaming actually is a "need"? There's a great world outside, with incredible graphics and animations that don't stop or stutter. Sticking to gaming can lead to depression, social anxiety, and all sorts of other problems that are not in the least "fun". This I am writing from personal experience. Don't let it happen to you (and apols if I am reading your meaning wrong)

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