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"You'd spend a week waiting for that idiotic "Please wait, installing updates" stupidity from the early 90's that MS insists of sticking with."

It does that automatically overnight / when the computer is not being used these days...

What, when the computer is often turned off completely? (admittedly I do deal mainly with older people who actually turn stuff off at the wall, so maybe other people who can afford electricity to be wasted and don't care so much about safety/aren't paranoid by the rather low fire risk tend to leave them on). If that's when it does it, then there's a lot of people complaining about stuff they never actually see!

I play commercial games and need an Office suite that actually works, Neither of which Linux is suitable for.

So do I, which is why I wouldn't use windows. I like my system to be stable and actually function.

As to the games, odds are it'll run better under wine than doze. I have a HP DV7 laptop with 1G ATI graphics, Linux and Win7 installed. SOASER (playing right now in another workspace), Home World (all 3 + the remastered stuff), C&C Generals (+ Zero Hour) and Tib 3 all run far better under Linux/Wine than they do under Windows (7). I also have run several bits of commercial software happily under Wine, again often faster (especially the graphics side) than with Windows, including some of the offerings from Coffee Cup, some data recovery tools (Linux is far superior in file handling, including reading/writing NTFS partitions) and a whole swag of other stuff.

I don't promote stuff I don't believe is better. There is no incentive for me to prefer Linux over Windows other than it does a better job, period. Actually in a couple of cases I have suggested Windows may do some things better or easier, and if I believe it is the more suitable product I would suggest it, though that was broken with 8+.

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