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"IME Win 10 takes about 48 hours to copy 8Gb over USB 3. "

Takes a couple of minutes to do that on Windows 10. Faster copying large files than the latest Ubuntu I note from benchmarks....

I used the one and only benchmark that really counts - real world experience, rather than listing to some bullshit artist on MS's payroll.

Now... Lets say that there is a speed difference though. Lets say that, to copy 10Gb on a booted MS machine would take 20 minutes compared to say 2 hours on Ubuntu. From a turned off state, which would be the fastest? Why, Ubuntu of course. You'd spend a week waiting for that idiotic "Please wait, installing updates" stupidity from the early 90's that MS insists of sticking with.

Face it, windows is slow and rubbish. Get yourself a nice, secure, stable and responsive machine. Get Linux. Get your life back. And your sanity.

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