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"- I was not talking about Windows apps in general, but the File Explorer application that ships with Windows."

That would be the file explorer that has always supported third party extensions, written by people who read the docs and therefore know that a 260-character buffer is safe.

"- Applications written for other OSes commonly make files with paths that exceed 260 chars, why should Windows users be unable to handle those files ?"

Because Windows documentation has, for 25 years, consistently stated that a 260-character buffer is the maximum that you need to support, even if weird hacks are available to let you manipulate files created by other sub-systems.

"- I have not heard a file's path called its "Metadata" before."

Meh. It seems like a perfectly reasonable use of the term to me. It isn't part of the file's data, but is nevertheless *about* the files data. Would you have been happier if I'd followed the NTFS documentation and called it an attribute?

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