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"how will you run the windows APPS that are the main reason people stick to Windows"

THIS is where _MARKETING_ comes into play...

Linux needs MARKETING. You get people to run it, and get used to "windows within a VM" for when they MUST have windows for something.

Simultaneously you get the 'big boy' vendors to do one of two things: either they SHIP LINUX VERSIONS (I hear Quickbooks is done in Java, so for Intuit it might be pretty simple!) or else they do a "Wine certification" so that they CERTIFY their applications will run under Wine.

Do this enough, and it will gain a life of it's own.

The problem is that NOBODY is doing that kind of marketing work.

HOWEVER, if we can manage to convince a few of the BIG BOYS (let's say Intel, AMD, Lenovo, Dell, and some of the others that will SELL HARDWARE AGAIN if a decent OS is available) that they need to invest in this kind of marketing, it MAY become practical enough that "it happens".

Yes, it takes MONEY and EFFORT to unseat a monopoly. I just described one way it can be done.

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