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Re: With source to drivers, will it now be a walk in the park for the other OSes?

"Did you try booting into Windows with driver signing enforcement disabled"

I've done that for ME, while doing driver development (in 7, not win-10-nic - I don't do win-10-nic).

But I want to release an open source kernel driver to do something that's cool. And giving people the necessary build/install instructions to make that work is impractical, at best.

And it's obviously a *SICK* *JOKE* that NOW you basically have to give the damn binary to Micro-shaft and have THEM sign it, for Win-10-nic anyway. At least, that's what I remember reading last year.

I've mostly given up on windows development. may cancel my MSDN subscription, even. Their tools suck, their moving target for development UI stinks, and I haven't jumped on their bandwagon since they introduced ".Not". In fact I've had to go OUT OF MY WAY to make sure that DAMN THING isn't included in my project. It's bad enough I had to add a 'manifest' to an executable to keep vista and later from treating something as AN INSTALLER by accident, based on it's name. And the 2D FLATSO FLUGLY just makes me want to VOMIT. Devstudio after 2010 is FILLED with that kind of crap.

Basically I do NOT want to tie my career to the TITANIC as it goes STRAIGHT for the ICEBERG.

And I know how "easy" it is to work around their signing requirements. Except for end-users. And they'll see the "debug mode" watermark on the wallpaper, etc.. That's not the way to release open source software, ya know?

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