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Linux devs change APIs with great regularity without any concern for backwards compatibility, and that's a pretty well-known thing. I can run ten year old binaries on Windows without issue now; on Linux, you're lucky if you can do that with binaries a third of the age

That's the best part of your post. It's utter crap, and the rest descended quickly into something even worse, not worth reading further. And I seldom find a post so rubbish I stop reading.

Considering the number of articles on here in recent times about MS updates killing software because incompatible, the posts from coders about how much MS changes the goalposts (one in this very thread) - at least some of whom work for well known programming firms, and the general cries for help the web over about stuff that doesn't work anymore since the user updated Windows, and the great many articles and posts about people stuck with XP because they cannot run a more modern version of Windows again due to significant changes in the way things are handled, well you'll see your post for what it is. 2 words, one being the male form of bovine and the other being what the neighbours dog left on the back lawn.

As to that "recompile" bullshit you post.. Last time I compiled software on Linux, it was a program I was writing (in Pascal) to fix a problem in Windows (something went and added a number in brackets to ever filename in a folder, eg winlogon.exe became winlogon(25446).exe ). I don't know when I last compiled something for Linux but it can't have been since 2007. I do believe I've done it but not sure what or why. (ftr I just caught the phrase out of the corner of my eye, couldn't be bothered reading more becuase it's 1990's MS shill lies)

Icon - what should be done to MS HW, while they're have a party for all their fanbois.

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