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Hm, yes, I saw Windows 8.... seeing it now, as a matter of fact!

Obviously, it's a disaster as far as OOBE, but so is 10... but 8 (and by that I also mean 8.1 for the purposes of this message) can be made quite nice with things like Classic Shell, Old New Explorer, and Metro Killer in a way that 10 cannot. Metro was largely "tacked on" the outside of a Win32 core, and it's relatively easy to wall it off and live completely in the Win32 part. With MS removing more and more Win32 functionality and adding it to UWP, you can't do that on Windows 10.

Once all the de-dumbification of Windows 8 is done, you get an OS that allows the user control over updates, doesn't spy on you (same caveats as with Windows 7 about those telemetry updates MS pushed out), doesn't have advertising in it, doesn't uninstall your stuff without permission, doesn't install Candy Crush or other apps without your permission, doesn't change your drivers without permission, doesn't nag you endlessly to use their crappy Edge browser... things that we used to take for granted as being baseline-level expectations for OS behavior are now "features."

The best part of 8 is that it gets security updates for six more years. That's a very long time in computing, of course. By then, Windows as we know it may not even exist... or maybe MS will have seen the light and given us something that doesn't try to be a crappy phone and a PC at the same time. Whatever the outcome, that's six more years that a Windows user gets without being subjected to Windows 10.

Six years is more than enough time for the irrational exuberance over Satya Nadella's inane vision and how "innovative" Microsoft is now to come crashing back to reality (including their stock prices). As long as the stocks are up, they're not going to change direction, but everything about the current stock prices of MSFT screams "bubble." It's a lot of sizzle and not a lot of steak.

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