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"with a Windows 10 UWP platform+Win10 user inferface bolted on top."

except THAT is the lipstick being painted on the non-oinky end of the Win-10-nic BOAR.

You can put Linux underneath, but if it LOOKS like WIn-10-nic, SMELLS like Win-10-nic and causes me to reflex-vomit if I attempt to TASTE it (like Win-10-nic), then WHY do it?

[yeah don't get me started on everything I *HATE* about Win-10-nic, which are all contained in the UWP 2D FLATSO FLUGLY "the METRO" CRAP-UI. I have few grips about the bottom end; it's the UI that I *HATE*]

Anyway, I'll take Linux with Mate instead. Or better still, FreeBSD! A "Win-10-nic" desktop manager would *JUST* *SUCK*.

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