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If you don't mind me asking, what do you mean by "this" when stating "But this is completely different."?

And which threats has MS not addressed lately?

And, the lack of mitigation of threats? Is this only when you avoid forced upgrades? Did you want more secure software or to stay with older and less maintained software which might not be patched? Did you not want the Windows update which blocked wannacry?

You are very excited about Linux. Do you keep it up to date? Do you run antivirus? Do you allow network applications access via SE Linux and later close the holes when you no longer use the app? Have you configured different network profiles for home or public? Do you continue using apps with dependencies on libraries with known vulnerabilities? How do you manage your private keys?

Linux is fun. I spend most of my Linux time reading driver and network stack source looking for rootkits for fun. I love finding nifty things like code injection opportunities in the forwarding tables. Or better, methods of replacing with a copy that backdoors the private keys.

Linux's greatest weakness is its dependency on C for everything. It's like placing a welcome mat on the floor and leaving the key beneath it. As such, Linux, GTK, Gnome... not even a challenge.

So... back to "This"?

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