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Re: But can the camera recognize approved cats, or not?

The gang of regular cats spot the intruder and attack it en masse, thus intruder cat is not a problem for long.

Indeed. With current gang of cats, we've yet to have a strange[1] cat in the house[2].

and at least a couple of them are psycho ninja fighters

Yup. At least two of them. And they all seem to be female. Funny how that happens[3]..

[1] It's a running joke that to be a cat in our household you pretty much have to be strange..

[2] Apart from next door's young male cat. But he's good friends with $SENIOR_MALE_CAT [4] so he doesn't count. Especially as $SENIOR_MALE_CAT is quite happy to return the favour and sit in their dining room window with him. And, since $NEXT_DOOR_CAT is about 6 years younger, ours has taught him road caution, just like he did with our younger cats[5]

[3] Female cats fight *very* differently from males. With males there's a lot of posturing and shouting before any actual combat (and often there isn't any combat). Females have more of an attitude of "I can't be bothered with that, I'm programmed to defend kits. I'm going to try to kill you without warning, even if it means I get hurt". Which is why, generally, male cats don't like fighting female cats. They don't fight fair.

[4] See previous post about his preferences..

[5] Except the little airhead social butterly tabby and white. If she was a Pathfinder character, her primary stat would most definately be Charisma and her dump-stat would be Int.. Which is why she has her pelvis held together by titanium rods, only the stump of a tail and no head of femur on the rear-left.

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