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Re: But can the camera recognize approved cats, or not?

Works until the ginger f*** from two doors down hacks it and puts his own RFID identifier in the DB....

We haz RFID too. But mostly so the vet can identify the cat scraped up off the tarmac. And in our household, it wouldn't be the ginger hacking the cat door (except in the traditional sense of 'using a blunt object (his head) to break down obstacles").

No, it would be the half-Siamese ginger and white, assisted by his lovestruck assistant (sister of previous said ginger and the one who inherited the brains in that family) who has long adored said ginger-and-white despite the fact that he seems only interested in boys[1].

He is on the right-hand side of the intelligence bell-curve and she's part-ninja. Complete with patterned camoflage.

[1] And our senior female. But that just protective behaviour so that she doesn't rip his face off and use it to wipe her butt.

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