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Canadian sniper makes kill shot at distance of 3.5 KILOMETRES

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One size does not fit all.

He and his ilk don't appear to need formal declarations of war before killing non-combatants in London, Paris, Brussels, Sydney...

Sydney??? WTF, that idiot was a nutter who had mental issues which made him a mental nutter but not a terrorist. He was called one by the police, in part I believe, to cover their fuckups in the "rescue" and by the Govt because they could use that to impose more Terror Laws to "protect" the people.

London had terrorist attacks.

Manchester had terrorist attacks.

Paris had terrorist attacks.

Brussels, Berlin, Nice, Boston, Bali and a plethora of other locations have suffered terrorist attacks but Sydney had a nut job who took hostages and killed one. Do not denigrate these other locations and their citizens who have suffered as a result those cowardly attacks by lumping that Monis idiot in with those other horrific criminals.

THANK YOU to the Canadian sniper and ALL military personal who have helped make the world a safer place after American politicians totally fucked it up by invading Iraq and so help bolster the ISIS mentality and as such, spread.

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