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'"Boeing's offering that flew and translated between VTOL and level flight"

I don't think either JSF competitor ever managed VTOL.'

As I remember, and there was a video clip somewhere, the LM demonstrator was the only one to conduct a short take-off, break the sound barrier, and land vertically in one flight. Which was done at Edwards, whereas the Boeing aircraft's VSTOL demos were done nearer sea level. It still wasn't that representative because the lift fan remained engaged throughout, but it did also demonstrate the capacity to carry a greater mass than the Boeing version.

While you try and rewrite history it's also worth remembering that Boeing added a tail plane to their proposal after the evaluation phase so it's not as if you could say it was more production ready than the F-35.

Edit, here's an article referencing the X-35 supersonic flight:

Can't find the video

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