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@Martin, I don't see what this has to do with Feminism - I do kind of get Bombastic Bob's point, though - there is something weird going on in society where people are using their perceived / presented vulnerability as a means of empowerment.

(some) Cyclists (I cycle too) seem hell bent on putting themselves in danger with cars so they can make a point about the nobility of their actions in the face of danger.

Social Media addicts seem to want to share their every ailment and discover some dubious ailment to classify themselves with.

Kids glory in being no good at maths, while Talent Show contestants ("who really, really want it, because it's their dream") spend more time relaying their sob-story than developing an actual skill.

Z-List celebs only seem to have an existence in the public eye while spilling their guts.

Everyone just seems desperate for attention from total strangers.

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