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IBM's contractor crackdown continues: Survivors refusing pay cut have hours reduced

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MBAs do -mostly- what the laws allow them to do. Some regulation regarding things like golden parachutes, bonuses, financial engineering and executives' personal liability would go a long way towards fixing these issues.

To work, these regulations would also need a serious effort in enforcement.

I agree nonetheless that what is taught in these MBA degrees is seriously lacking in ethics, but the problem would fix itself after a few of these managers find themselves jailed or personally bankrupted by fines.

And IMO, bad management due to incompetence and stupidity shouldn't be punished, as people don't usually choose to be noobs. Consider it as a form of Darwinism, both for companies and shareholders. You hire scum to run the company, you face the consequences. No bailouts, no "too big to fail", no bullshit.

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