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Re: windows permissions model is much more flexible than UNIX

Unix != linux, just in case you can't read. Plus, there is no one ACL system that spans all UNIX-like OSs.

What I wrote is totally true. You've just responded to a different statement, one that I did not say, The original UNIX permission model is weaker than current Windows without any question,

Even on Linux, ACL support largely depends on the underlying filesystem, and both apparmour and SELinux can be, and often are, disabled.

Oh, and because I am a long-term AIX system admin, I've actually been aware of filesystem ACLs since before Linux went mainstream (JFS implemented them on AIX 3.1 which was released in 1990), and RBAC since AIX 5.1 (sometime in 1999 or 2000). I've also used AFS and DCE/DFS, both of which has ACL support and used Kerberos to manage credentials since about 1993,

At the risk of being confrontational, when did you start using computers?

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